Mental Health Advocacy Network Podcast on Youtube

The Mental Health Advocacy Network launched a podcast during 2022. That podcast has now been uploaded to Youtube.

  1. MHAN Podcast Episode 0: Pilot Episode
  2. MHAN Podcast Episode 1: Everything You Should Know About Your State Hospital
  3. MHAN Podcast Episode 2: An Analysis of the ND Mental Health Crisis Response System (Part 1)
  4. MHAN Podcast Episode 3: An Analysis of the ND Mental Health Crisis Response System (Part 2)
  5. MHAN Podcast Episode 4: ND CFN President Siobhan Deppa Shares Her Personal and Professional Journey
  6. MHAN Podcast Episode 5: Special ND Consumer Family Network Q&A with Dr. Etherington
  7. MHAN Podcast Episode 6: ND Behavioral Health 1915(i) Program Administrator Monica Haugen Shares Details
  8. MHAN Podcast Episode 7: The Importance of Person-Centered Planning
  9. MHAN Podcast Episode 8: Juvenile Justice Reform with Karen Kringlie
  10. MHAN Podcast Episode 9: Veterans Services & Suicide Prevention with Guest Tammy Monsebroten
  11. MHAN Podcast Episode 10: Safe Places for Homeless Youth and Youth with Disabilities (Fraser Ltd. & Youthworks)
  12. MHAN Podcast Episode 11: Special "Best Of" Episode-Our First Ten Episodes

Even though these episodes had been recorded over the last year or two, we think they have held up well. In addition, information gleamed from these episodes are still quite informative about the current strengths and opportunities in the North Dakota mental health system of care.

So come check us out on Youtube!

Mental Health Advocacy Network Podcast Season 1 on Youtube

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